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CMT (CUT, MAKE, TRIM) Service. Manufacture tablecloths, napkins, chef uniforms

We manufacture Tableclothes, Overlays, Napkins, Chaircovers, as well as Chef’s Uniforms.


We specialize in creating custom table linens to meet the unique and varied needs of our clients.Whether your table is extra-wide, extra-long or an unusual shape, or if you would like a monogram, hem-stitch or contrast stitching to personalize your linens, we have you covered. CMT (CUT, MAKE, TRIM) Service. Manufacture tablecloths, napkins, chef uniforms.
We make custom tablecloths and custom linen napkins in a large range of solid colors to complement your decor or theme available in any length.
We also offer many of our contemporary printed table linens in custom sizes.  Or we can create a totally original design specifically for you.
Feel free to contact us for any divider

CMT ( Cut, Make, Trim )

CMT means that you supply us with all the fabrics, trimmings and components etc, which can include thread, rubber and elastic, and we assemble them into a finished garment.

This is one of the most misunderstood parts of our business.  It is very labour intensive and can take up over 50% of the total time it takes to manufacture an order if the quantities on the order are not correct. Orders must be in what are called lay quantities so the cutting can be as efficient as possible and helps minimise fabric wastage.

This is where the cut pieces are assembled into a finished garment.  This can involve quite a lot of processes and different machines.  It can be simple or complex depending on the garment’s construction.

This is the final part of the process where all the loose threads, rubber/elastic and fabric are trimmed away leaving a neat and clean garment.

We provide CMT services as well as Labelling and Embroidery.

CMT (CUT, MAKE, TRIM) Service. Manufacture tablecloths, napkins, chef uniforms